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Experience the best and most refreshing Pure Herbal Tea with Trinity Trading. We offer the fine quality pure black tea perfectly balanced with sugar and milk. We procure Organic Herbal Tea from trusted manufacturers that select excellent quality tea leaves for manufacturing organic tea. Our Green Leaves Tea is in great demand in international and has buyers in various countries. The popularity of green leaves tea resides in its aroma and taste. Along with this, it also provided maximum benefit to consumers health with minimum caffeine. We offer wide range of standards of tea that constitute of Orthodox OP, FOP, FBOP, BOP, BOP1, BOPF, CTC, PEKOE, FP, SBOP, BOP, BP, PF in Leaf and PD, RD, SRD, PD, RD1 etc in Dusts. Today, we have emerged as one of the trusted Tea Exporters and Suppliers, based in India.